Who we are

We are a diverse group of creative artists and craftspeople committed to expertly designing and hand- making beautiful lighting for a wide range of uses and venues. We love to collaborate with graphic, fashion, interior and product designers, artists, architects, lighting architects, coppersmiths, glassmakers and ceramicists to make highly original architectural pendant, floor and wall lighting.

We’re supportive and engaged in our local community and proudly source over 95% of our lighting materials within a 160-mile radius of our workshop. This includes our handmade shades, canopies, electrical circuits, metal fabrication, not to mention copper, brass and aluminum lighting components along with electroplating, anodizing, boxes, printing and labels.

 An inventive, adaptive and industrious community, we’re also an equal opportunity employer that actively embraces individuals who may not fit the traditional employment paradigm. This includes persons with mobility issues and learning challenges as well as others who need greater flexibility – including rural workers, single mothers and older workers, who often bring us exceptional wisdom, experience and time-honored traditions that are deeply embedded in Mexican culture.

 It’s humbling and rewarding to build strong and sustainable local connections as we create unique and beautiful lighting for our customers worldwide.