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The main function of lighting is to uniformly illuminate spaces. However, when the lamp itself is a decorative object that provides light, it is important to know its capabilities and characteristics so that it harmonizes with the space.

Decorative lighting can be found in different materials. Here at Luminosa™ we have glass and hammered copper lamps in different finishes and colors. The selection of shape, size, color and material will depend on the style of the space and the atmosphere you want to achieve. For example, in a Mediterranean type restaurant with a warm atmosphere and natural finishes, we can opt for a Belle lamp in natural finish on each table. If the space is an office of a technology company, it is likely to opt for a clean and minimalist style. In that case we recommend a Pearl model in silver finish.

It is important to mention that the decorative lighting generally does not have much luminous flux, so this lamp should not be taken as the only source of light. We must rely on general or accent lighting to complement the lighting of the space.

Another recommendation is that the decorative lamp is at a medium height in the space so that we can appreciate it. For suspended lighting above a table, a height of 1.80m above floor level is recommended.

Remember that in Luminosa™ we have a great variety of colors in decorative lighting to complement your space.


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