Color is an integral element in our lighting. But where does it come from and how is it applied to our Cristalino glass lamps?

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Color is an extremely important factor in any interior space For that reason we have many color options for our Cristalino hand-blown lamps. 8 unique colors plus transparent to be precise !

There are many many ways to apply colored glass to the glass.

Our colors are sourced from Germany from a factory that for hundreds of years has dedicated itself to the investigation and production of concentrated glass colors. It´s not easy. Minerals, metals even precious metals are required in the exact combinations to form these colors.

Did you know that sometimes silver is used to form blue or gold in ruby glass, copper in red, or magnesium in green? Did you know sometimes bone ash is required to create an opaque white glass? However, every color is dependent on a reduction or oxidizing heat in the furnace whilst melting. It is an exacting science developed over many centuries.

Another important factor is density. Each of our lamps has an exact amount of color applied to it by the glassblower considering the intensity of light passing through the lamp. Some colors are lighter in density and require more material like our Turquoise or Gray. Other colors are super intense and require less material such as the copper Red.

This is extremely important so all our lamps have a similar light density when hung in the interior space.

Each and every lamp has its color applied by hand during the making process. Just another consideration we here at Studio Luminosa undertake when hand-making our architectural lighting.

Do you have a project you would like to develop in hand-blown glass?

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