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The facade of a building is the first face we notice when arriving. Facades can be transformed from day to night by artificial lighting. Here are 5 types of Illumination that you can use on your facade:

1. Wall Wash: There is lighting with asymmetrical optics (Wide angle opening allowing for light to wash vertically up the wall ), for recessing or overlaying on the floor, which create a light effect that bathes the walls up to a certain height. This type of lighting for example is perfect for highlighting the texture of the walls.
2. Wall sconces: This type of lighting does not bathe the entire wall, but rather accentuates an entrance or a column for example. If the fixture is to illuminate an element or detail such as a column, we recommend a fixture with a closed or medium opening angle (10-35°).

3. Courtesy light: Generally, the facade contains a space that we are going to walk through and it is important to distinguish the passage. For this reason, low-intensity fixtures, recessed or wall-mounted, can be installed to illuminate the pavement.
4. Bollards: Another way to illuminate the passageway, urban furniture or vegetation is by means of bollards, which will illuminate downwards and allow us to facilitate passing through this space.

5. Details with LED strips: Sometimes the volume of the facade, an opening, or a sculptural element deserves to be illuminated. LED strips help us to highlight these elements, and depending on the application, we can find an infinite number of profiles for LED strips that will help us to give that special brightness to the space.
Luminosa™ is dedicated to the design, manufacture, and integration of architectural lighting solutions. We are experts in commercial and residential lighting, we are happy to talk to you about the best lighting option for your interior or exterior.

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