Bring it back home !

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We feel so privileged to be currently working on so many interesting commercial projects throughout Mexico, an office refurbishment, Hotel and Aquarium tenders, restaurants and bars. We will never forget where we started, residential. While the bar has shifted and we are making more custom lighting than ever its nice to upscale. This is a project we delivered right here in our home town San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico this month. The client needed sufficient light to illuminate the kitchen preparatory space whilst aesthetically remaining true to the houses´ heritage and design. We feel we have risen to the challenge. These guys are big, a whopping 27.5 inches high (70 cm for the rest of us). Each piece hand crafted from solid 16 gauge copper - our speciality. Thank-you to our local installation team the Garcia brothers for their effort and ingenuity on this one !

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