Last days of public voting at L A M P 2022 International Lighting Design Competition

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Last days of LAMP voting!

We are very proud to present you our latest design: Alquimia Taco, which has been pre-selected in the prestigious international lighting design competition
L A M P 2022.

The architectural wall sconce Alquimia Taco is the culmination of years of investigation into material, form and lighting technology. With a simplicity of volume and a range of models and finishes, TACO is a contemporary and original wall sconce suitable for anywhere where subtle light is required.

We have been shortlisted at LAMP 2022 – International Lighting Design Competition. Now it is up to the public to vote in the people’s choice.

There are a lot of talented entries in the competition. We invite you to review the finalists make up your own mind and vote if you feel strongly for a design. There are three categories, Student, Professional and Manufactured. Voters are allowed to vote for one lamp only but have three votes:

Our lamps ¨ Taco ¨ is in the Professional section.

You have until October 20 to vote for our lighting fixture and receive a 10 % discount off the Taco lamp of your chioce. Register at LAMP and vote for the best.

Sale available on website only valid until November 1st and unless otherwise stated does not include shipping. All sales are final and terms and conditions relate to Studio Luminosa S. de R.L. de C.V. general sales terms.

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