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The vast majority of the work we do is related to sight; working in front of a computer in the office, manipulating material in a warehouse or tools in the kitchen, etc.

Light is a basic element related to the ability to see clearly, appreciate and distinguish shapes, colors and depth.

To perform optimally in the workspace, visual comfort is important, and the correct lighting design should consider the following factors:

1. Uniform illumination: ensuring a uniform lighting distribution (without areas of darkness) can be achieved based on the lux established by the corresponding lighting standards and making simulations to find the necessary characteristics and placement of luminaires. Lux is defined as the unit for determining how much amount of light is apparent on a given surface.

2. Absence of glare: There are several parameters to determine that the luminair does not overpower the UGR (Unified Glare Rating), the GGR (Great-room Glare Rating) or the VCP (Visual Comfort Probability) relate the light source to the user's position to avoid the direct light source being in the field of vision.

3. Adequate contrast: When working in front of a computer, it has its own light. If the user's eye is constantly adjusting between the light level of the computer and that of the room, it can cause discomfort, headaches, etc. Even the contrast between the hallway and the work area can cause discomfort.

4. Lights with no flashing effect: A poor quality luminaire, an inadequate dimming system, or an incorrect electrical installation can be the cause of a flickering luminaire, which will cause discomfort, distraction or a headache.

As a recommendation, the ideal is to have 2 light sources in the work area, the general source that will give the necessary luxes cover the general area and light the space, and a light source in front of the work área. One should take care that the direct light source at the workspace is not seen directly.

At Luminosa we offer you advice and lighting design, for an efficient project and comfortable workspace.


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