Lighting design software: Luminosa™

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Lighting design can be as complex and specific as one requires, for example to choose all the high specification lighting fixtures for a museum according to the dimensions of the space, reflexivity of the floor and wall materials. It is also important to know the dimensions of the objects to be illuminated.

One also needs to be aware of and apply where necessary the relevant Mexican electrical standard or ¨NOM¨

Where there are spaces where lighting is essential, such as in laboratories, industries or offices, we need to know the distribution and quantity of lighting fixtures for the specific design of the place. With this information we will be able to know the average amount of light, the most illuminated points and those areas that create shadows. We are then able to correct the lighting output where necessary to create the right environment.

Although lighting calculations have a mathematical basis that can be done manually, today we have digital tools that allow us to make calculations quickly.

One of the most popular of these tools is DIALux, the software that allows quick and trouble-free quantitative analysis of an interior or exterior project. Its 3D modeling capabilities also allow the geometry of the lighting fixture and its light distribution to be projected in 3D.

Many high specification lighting manufacturers have files compatible with the software, so you can calculate the lighting levels with the exact fixture you are going to buy.

Remember that at Luminosa we don't just manufacture luminaires. We can also help you with the lighting proposal for your project, and we make sure that the lighting is adequate for your requirements through simulations with DIAlux.

For example: If you have a 50 m2 office and you don't know how many fixtures, how much power you will need, and at what height they should be hung, we can make the simulation and give you the plans and the specification of the luminaire and power requirements, ensuring uniform illumination and adequate lighting levels in the work area.

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