Out with the old and in with the new!

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Its that time of the year again, a time to pause (briefly), contemplate and dream. It’s a time to look forward. Out with the old and in with the new! And there is a lot of ¨out¨, but even more ¨in with the new¨ here at Luminosa!

Were moving! We now have an office in central Queretaro city, a move that makes it more central to access projects and logistics here in Queretaro and beyond. Our workshop and production are still located in San Miguel de Allende.

 We’ve just completed and delivered a range of exciting projects including:

  • A colorful range of hand blown glass pendant lamps for a corporate boardroom in Mexico City.
  • Large wall sconces and outdoor pendant lighting for a feature hotel in San Miguel de Allende. Copper, steel and fiberglass were the chosen materials
  • A range of copper overhead lamps for a restaurant in Guadalajara.
  • In Merida, a range of lamps in hand-sewn linen (the year before for the same client a range of lamps made out of seaweed!).

Of course when we have photos we will share these with you.

And this year is shaping up:

  • A brewery, winery, exhibition space, gardens, residences, restaurants, retail store and hotel.

Right now were focused on delivering the 4th stage for an office conversion in Queretaro, a vast range of pendant lamps, wall sconces and chandeliers in hand-beaten copper and hand-blown glass. The sheer scale of this project has been an exciting challenge.

Material, craftsmanship and technology are fundamental to the lighting we design, develop and produce. We thrive on the challenges of each and every project, working alongside talented architects, designers, artists and craftsman to develop their lighting concepts.

Watch out for our new range of wall and ceiling lighting to debut later in the year this is a very new direction for Luminosa!

In the mean time Happy New Year to all of you from our team. We wish you a prosperous and creative year full of enlightenment!

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