Light and Space: The kitchen.

The kitchen is a unique space in the house requiring various types of lighting in a concise space. It is a space that requires a lot of manual work, requiring excellent visualization of all surfaces.

Here are 5 important points to consider for the kitchen when considering lighting:

1. The workspace is of major importance the ideal color temperature is a neutral light (4000K) or cold (6500K) for the area where we prepare food and over the cooktop.

2. General lighting and spot lighting: The vast majority of kitchens concentrate the work surfaces in front of the walls, so spotlighting should be located just above the surface facing downwards towards the subject. General lighting can be in the center of the kitchen, this is used to light the general space but should not be the only source of light in the kitchen.

3 Decorative lighting: This is not recommended above the workspace however often the kitchen functions as a meeting point for families. Decorative lighting can assist here, for example, suspended luminaires can be placed at the breakfast bar or kitchen island to liven up the atmosphere. These lamps may use a warmer temperature lamp for comfort. (2700K / 3000K).

4. Accent lighting: carpentry work in kitchens is usually something worth highlighting, which is why LED strips can help us highlight shelves, edges, wine bottles, etc. Just be sure to hide them adequately out of direct sight.

5. Zone control: Since we have located that we have 4 different types of light (general, accent, spot, and decorative) it is important that each has its individual circuit and switch so the user can control the lighting of the space according to their needs.

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