The sumptuous and malleable lighting material copper

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For lighting it’s hard to find a more sumptuous, malleable and luminous metal than copper and there’s plenty of it here in Mexico !

The pre-Hispanic Tarasco people of Michoacán and Jalisco used the material for axes and weapons, repeatedly fending off the fierce Aztecs in the 14th and 16th centuries. The same people continue to work the material today having developed and mastered it into fine home-wares, jewelry and cook-ware such as the famous “cazo”, a cauldron like pot used to the make Michoacán’s signature dish “carnitas”.

Each of our pieces starts off as select recycled copper wire and tubing. It is smelted into specifically sized ingots and once cold, cleaned, beaten, rolled and cut to a precise gauge and diameter. Next it is passed to the copper-smith where the piece is gently and skillfully beaten and raised by hand from a flat sheet into one of our distinctive lamps. This process takes between 1 to 2 days per piece. Once finished it is heat treated permanently sealing the copper in our signature patinas.

Pure copper is an amazing material to work with, soft, malleable and warm. When lit from within it provides a unique and exquisite gilded light perfect for the intimate space whether a commercial bar, dining space, residential passage or that cozy corner.

All our copper lamps are lit with dimmable LED lamps chosen for their warmth and low impact on the environment.

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