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Almost 6 months have passed since the onset of the Covid-19 hit Mexico and like most countries in the world, we continue to deal with the pandemic.

These are trying times for individuals, businesses and the community alike. There is still a lot to learn, change and adjust, it hasn’t been easy for many. While we may not be the best off we may likely not be the worst either. This is the moment to watch, listen and assist the community for it is from here we will evolve.

At Luminosa, fortunately, we are able to continue to service the community. During the last 6 months, we have taken the time to strengthen relationships with our clients and suppliers as well as give back to our community. Through best practices, we continue to make our signature hand made lighting. We are very excited about the projects we are working on and will keep you updated on progress. We are also appreciative of the loyalty and assure this is not taken for granted.

We have reached out to our suppliers solidifying our relationships. We have adjusted our supply chain, emphasizing locally made and manufactured. Did you know we make 95 % of our lighting within a 160-mile radius of our workshop? That’s all our hand made lamps, electrical circuits, metal fabrication, copper, brass and aluminium lighting components, electroplating, anodizing, boxes, printing, labels… even our office furniture and shoes are made locally! This is centre and core to our company ideals to support and contribute to local manufacture and industry. We are proud to be part of an inventive, adaptive and industrious community.

We have also been fortunate to contribute to our local community in this time of need delivering food and supplies to those most in need also assisting people mobilize as they adapt to changes in their lives. We continue to serve.

One thing that has become vividly clear throughout the pandemic our former globalized mentality has changed and perhaps for the better. Is it time to go back to roots, consider local made and working more without local communities? We here at Luminosa certainly hope so.

¨When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.¨

John F. Kennedy

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