Viva Mexico !

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September is a special month in Mexico full of colour, food, dance, fireworks and that special ¨grito¨ or shout on September 15th representing the shout of independence.

Not far from our studio in the small town of Dolores Hidalgo on September 16th 1810 it´s reputed Miguel Hidalgo a priest and one of the first revolutionaries made the cry of independence (El Grito de la Independencia). Also known as the cry of Dolores (el Grito de Dolores), to motivate people to revolt against the Spanish regime. Hidalgo’s army fought against the Spanish soldiers in the fight for independence, but he was captured and executed on July 30, 1811. Mexico's independence was not declared until September 28, 1821.

September is a month of joy, solidarity and pride in Mexico. Here at Luminosa™ before we join the party we would like to offer our support, all our architectural lighting is on sale for the month of September up to 50 % off so grab it while you can.

Viva Mexico !

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