Copper and Light

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This year has been an exciting and busy year for conceptualization, exploration, development of new ideas, projects and lighting products ! While we continually work with our clients on their many ideas and projects we have managed to quietly slip away and produce three new lamps for our Alquimia range and we´re very excited about them !

1. Horizon colors™: is a colorful variation on our existing Horizon model. Still with it´s polished interior, this model has 7 contemporary colors on the outside. A fun new interpretation on an existing theme.

2. Brisa: Moving away for the traditional E26 hanging system, the Brisa uses an elongated 8 W LED strip as the light source and hanging system for our hand made copper lapels. Discreet and elegant the copper directs the light onto the source below.

3. Taco: The first wall sconce for our catalogue ! Using a single fold of copper we have incorporated a 6 W LED strip in this lamp. Designed to be hung vertically or horizontally. Discreet and contemporary.

Both the Brisa and Taco come in our 3 signatures patinas: Chocolate, Charcoal and gold.

Copper is such a beautiful material and it compliments contemporary lighting so well. We invite you to have a look at whats new at Luminosa ™ We will be continually developing new products so don´t forget us, come back every now and then and check out the New Lighting section on our webpage !





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