Glass makes great light !

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It's no surprise that glass as a material makes for beautiful modern lighting. Glass needs no introduction here, we're all mesmerised by its natural allure and its symbiotic relation with artificial light.

Glass not only absorbs light but also refracts and reflects it. Understanding these principles is key to successfully merging artificial light with the material. However there is a key drawback, precisely the materials major characteristic ¨ transparency ¨ can sometimes make for a challenge.

We believe modern lighting should not only amplify the qualities of the material, but should also be importantly functional. it should light the direct or ambient area successfully, to do this however the lamp should minimise the source of lighting. The better the lamp or light source is able to illuminate the given space whilst obscuring the source of lighting (the lamp), in our opinion the more successful the lamp for the user. We go to great lengths during the development of our glass lamps and custom lighting projects to source which lighting system will work best for the given environment.

Another option is to openly embrace the source of lighting and combine it with the qualities of the material in this case hand blown glass. By incorporating color, pattern and texture into the glass during the making process our Cristalino lamps incorporate a variation of patterns and textures into the surrounding environment adding depth and unity to the interior. With all the advancements in LED lighting one thing will never change the inherent beauty in the marriage between hand blown glass and artificial light.

All our lighting uses LED technology. Standard E27 / E27 retro systems, or a variety of specific lamps (such as MR16, GU8, GU10) or custom integrated LED systems, its all possible. Unlike glassblowing where little has changed in technique in possible more than 500 years illumination is undergoing a major renaissance on what seems like a weekly basis. Exciting times for us makers of light but also the end user who has more diversity, technology and options available to them.

Stay tuned for new Luminosa™ Cristalino lamps coming soon.

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