Juana for ULA light

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Nowhere am I more comfortable than in a room with a furnace running at 1200 degrees Celsius, kilos of molten glass at my disposal, a reheating chamber blasting heat onto my face, a bench full of medieval tools and a project to design and make hand blown lighting in a very limited time space !

Working as a team of three with the talented Renato Perez and Diego Vides we challenged the capacity of the studio in 3 short days. The result is the Juana lamp:


Design and hand blown glass is all about team work. It a blast to be back in the chair making and also be designing for one of Mexico City´s best lighting firms. The pendant lamp Juana is a collaboration between Luminosa™ and Mexico City firm ULA light. 

If you have a project we can assist with please don´t hesitate in contacting us if we can make it for you we will !


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