When lighting gets big. (Part 2)

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It always a challenge we enjoy at Luminosa™ to make custom lighting. When it comes to hand making nothing is seldom done by one but rather as a team. Hand made copper lighting is no exception and especially on a scale this big! These two large wall sconces are so big ( 10 feet long and 5 feet high ) we had the whole workshop working on the them for weeks. even just to move the pieces requires a team of 8 guys !

Nothing is rushed in the hand making process and thank goodness, on this scale you get once chance to get it right ! It was amazing to watch the workshop bring this project together. Their constant care and attention to detail really made these pieces look amazing.

Well worth the wait these two beauties and now packed and ready for shipment to the USA. Installation photos to follow.

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  • Roberta on

    We are looking for something big and special for our newly renovated kitchen/dining room pendants. It has a long 14 foot island which extends into the living room. We have a high open ceiling. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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